Kings of the Court Open Run Fall League (Team Membership)

  • Kings of the Court Open Run Fall League  (Team Membership)

Kings of the Court Open Run Fall League (Team Membership)


Sunday King of the Court 5 v 5 

Play 2 to 5 games in one day. All games played within a 4 hour block. A true test to find the Kings of the courts. Winner Stay on. There are five Open Run Sessions and One Double Elimination Tournament. Members of the fall league can participate in as many sessions as they choose over the duration of the league. 

How to sign up...

1. Each Team must purchase a $50.00 membership prior to attending. 

2. Select the sessions you would like to participate in. 

  • There are eight available sessions. Each session Cost $65.00 per team to attend per session.
  • Each session is a one day event only. All games are played within a 3 hour window.
  • Coaches you can select all your weekends up front or you can select them by the Tuesday morning deadline.
  • All Sign-ups are based on 2020-2021 School Year Grade.
  • Memberships are available for 4th -High School Divisions

3. Be crowned Kings of the Court 

  • There are two ways to be crowned. 
    • 1 Win the most games between sessions 1 & 4
    • 2 Win the Double Elimination tournament 

Game Rules...

  • Each Game is played to 21 points or 25 mins. (1's & 2's)
  • Each team is allowed to make substitutions 
  • Players are allowed 3 fouls per game
  • Shooting Fouls Result in 1 Free Throw
  • 5 Team Fouls Result in a 1 Free Throw Bonus
  • 2 Timeouts per game
  • Winner Stay on
  • Sept 13, 20,
  • Oct 11,18 
  • Oct 25th Double Elimination Tournament
  • Get Buckets Exposure Showcase Series regular season schedule


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