RE: Return to Game Play

The spread of COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed our daily lives. We have all felt the impact of the pandemic. Through out the years we have made it our top priority to give all our Teams & Spectators a safe quality affordable tournament experience. Impress Me Basketball has put much thought in to how we can continue to provide great events amidst the new normal we face together. Going forward we will institute the following measure to combat the spread of COVID-19, an provide added safety for our staff, players, coaches, and patrons.

Scheduling Division Blocks

Games will be scheduled on each court for one Division and or Pool at a time. Teams & Spectators participating during this block should be the only ones in the gym during that allotted time. Coaches because of this scheduling format scheduling request will be difficult to accommodate. In addition, because of this scheduling format, teams may play back to backs.

Sanitizing Requirements

Prior to the start of each scheduling block, the prior block participants and spectators will exit. The Impress Me staff will sanitize the bleachers, benches, doorknobs, Entry ways, Railings, & other common high traffic surfaces prior to letting in the next scheduling block participants and spectators.

Spectators will be provided with hand sanitizer at entry way.

When Players and Coaches arrive, they will go through temperature check. Once cleared Coaches and Players will be provided with hand sanitizer. During the games hand sanitizer will be provided at each bench. Players are required to sanitize their hands prior to entering & exiting the game. Referees will also sanitize the game ball during play stoppage.

At the end of the game each team must discard of all trash. No post game handshakes will take place. If a new team is coming to the bench that bench will be sanitized prior to the next team coming.

Spectator Requirements

Our goal is to keep spectators as safe as possible and minimize contact with other patrons. To ensure minimal contact it is necessary that all patrons attend only during their teams scheduling block. Spectators will be allowed into the venue after players and coaches have been processed. We ask that all spectators adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines. When you arrive, you will see 6ft markings to form a line. You will also see 6ft markings in the bleachers and a designated section for families. All Spectators will also go through forehead scan temperature checks when they arrive and be offered hand sanitizer. In addition, all spectators are required to wear a Face Mask. Spectators can provide their own Face Mask or purchase one at the admissions table. Any spectator without a Face Mask or with a fever will not be permitted.

We want to thank you for supporting our events! 


Stay Safe & Healthy

Impress Me Basketball Staff